On turning a bold vision into reality, taking risks, and creating an undergraduate program that nurtures personal growth and innovation

Nine Fung Fellows developed CalSound, a website for visualizing soundscape data, to help marine resource managers understand ocean sound.

“My goal is to maintain the parts of our global systems that work whilst also continuing to develop these systems in a way which is more sustainable.”

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Source: https://www.poweroftheages.com/
  1. A business method and mindset to transform multigenerational challenges into intergenerational collaboration and success.
  2. Inclusively leveraging diverse skills…

“I believe legal education will allow me to effectuate long-term change through litigation and advocacy.”

Adriel Ghadoushi and his dog, Peach.

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Learn effective and practical strategies to improve your odds of securing summer internships and opportunities based on the time of the school year as a UC Berkeley student.

Nseke Ngilbus, Honors Fellow

Fung Fellowship

The Fung Fellowship at UC Berkeley is shaping the next generation of health, conservation, and technology leaders for a better world. 🌱

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