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Fung Fellowship
2 min readFeb 8, 2023
Health Fellows at the December 2022 midterm event. Photo credit: James Wang/Fung Institute

UC Berkeley’s Fung Fellowship is excited to announce the renaming of their signature tracks to Health + Innovation and Conservation + Innovation, formerly called Health + Tech and Conservation + Tech. The newnames will be effective in Fall 2023 for the incoming fellows cohorts and beyond.

With the fellowship’s core mission centered on impact, technology is not always the key ingredient for every population that the fellowship serves nor every challenge that it faces. With this in mind, the fellowship recognizes that the term “innovation” more holistically encompasses the fellowship’s focus on technology, creativity, and customer needs, and insights.

“We first noticed that applicants were self-selecting out of the fellowship application process due to lack of experience in tech,” shared Adrienne Greer, Assistant Director of the Fung Fellowship. “We therefore wanted our track names to reflect the core takeaway of the fellowship experience as the innovation mindset and not necessarily the application of technology.”

The fellowship looks forward to welcoming the next cohort of fellows under the new track name. Applications are currently open and due on Friday, February 17, 2023 for a fall start.

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